From me to you

Hello Earth! I'm just a human like you

Short Biodata
Name: DieQara
Known as: eQara
State: Sabah
Country: Malaysia
Language: Malay and English
Hobby: Watching tv, Eating, blogging n etc :D
Fav. Quotes: Semuanya ikhlas dari hati. :)

My little hope
 Degree Konvo (Novem 2014)
 Samsung Galaxy SIII
 Menjadi fiance to En. Cipsmore

♥ Allah S.W.T
♥ Rasullah
♥ Al-Quran
♥ Mummy & Daddy
♥ Siblings
♥ Myself
♥ Buah hati intan payung (H.A.C.K.S)
♥ Lappy acer
♥ My study
♥ My little cutiey lovely handphone
♥ etc

✖ Liars
✖ Liars
✖ Liars
✖ Liars
✖ Liars

tQ for your BIG smile here.